Art Space

In the early seventies, A.V.Ilango began his career as an artist with nature as his teacher. With a Masters degree in Mathematics, he worked as a college lecturer from 1975 to 2002. The long years of teaching experience facilitated in his nurturing the artistic talent in others.

What started as an informal group of novices and initiated artists practicing under his guidance more than twenty years ago, was officially inaugurated as Ilango’s Art space in October 2003 on the First Floor at 68 A, Cathedral Road, Chennai.

The main objectives of this artist studio are to inspire creativity, particularly in the visual arts and to guide the aspirants in the voyage of self discovery through aesthetics and experiential learning. Many of his students are now in the journey of establishing as creative artists. Ilango’s Art space also aims at enriching the mind and the spirit by organizing art and cultural activities for children and adults. Besides acquiring technical and analytical skills, the aspirants may seek joy in the very act of creativity: thinking, drawing, painting, designing and sculpting as well as interacting with the Guru and discussing one’s ideas and experiences. Ilango’s Art space follows the guru sishya parampara and launches the disciples on their maiden shows. It coordinates group shows in India and abroad, especially the Spring Salon of the Lyon Fine Arts Society (SLBA) in France since 2002.

From January 2008, Ilango’s Art space is functioning in the elegant Auditorium building of the Lady Andal
Secondary School.