Hiring the Hall

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The concert hall would be ideal for gathering of over 1000 people.

Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Chennai 
Effective from 01-01-2008



Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall (also referred to as SMVRCH or the Concert Hall) offers a unique package of facilities and services to ensure that your event meets its full potential. The Concert Hall allotment includes the following:

  •   Concert Hall with up to 2 hours of Air-conditioning, from the door opening time
  •   Set-up/Rehearsal time as per the type of booking
  •   House-keeping services
  •   Doormen
  •   Common area electricity & water charges for the event
  •   4 Green Rooms
  •   Parking Spaces
  •   Rest Rooms
  •   Flex display of size 5’ (h) x 3’ (w) in the drive way


Maximum capacity provided
Reserved seats by the Management
Total capacity of the Hall



The 1,202 seats are divided as follows: 692 seats on the ground floor and 500 seats in the balcony. The Concert Hall Management will be entitled to 10 reserved seats without charge for its own use. The Management reserves the right to use these reserved seats for Office Bearers/Guests of the Concert Hall. They should be facilitated with all provisions as for the audience before, during and after the performance and their admission passes/tickets should be sent 3 days in advance to the Office.

The applicant shall not admit persons to the Hall in excess of the number of seats available. The Concert Hall and facilities provided in the original configuration. Any modifications (i.e., seat removal/replacement, supplemental power service, platforms, fixtures, etc…) can only be arranged at an additional charge, subject to the possibility. Any such request for modification shall be made at least 30 days prior to the event.


1. There shall be a written / e mailed application.

2. The information given in the application form shall be correct.

3.The application shall ordinarily be made from SIX months to ONE month before the date of engagement or earlier.

4.The SMVRCH reserves the right to reject an application without assigning any reason and also to cancel any allotment already made, not later than three clear days before the date of engagement, exclusive of the date of notice and date of engagement.

5.The Concert Hall management may at any time require the hirer to provide in the application a detailed written description of all activities to be conducted on the premises during the period of hire.


Information regarding charges for hiring the Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall of the Madras Seva Sadan, and its facilities and services are listed in Annexure 1. The charges and relative conditions applicable from time to time shall be treated as part and parcel of these Terms & Conditions.
The applicant shall not sub-let the accommodation to any person(s).


A minimum booking amount of Rs. 78,000/- + GST, per date(s) is required to secure the event date(s). A separate refundable caution deposit of Rs. 75,000/- should be paid for each day/date of occupation or use. If the date is cancelled, the booking amount will be refunded after due adjustments as per the cancellation clause. This fact should be considered by the applicant before making the deposit. GST to be added as and where applicable. This preliminary advance booking & deposit is not a guarantee of a booking until all formalities, booking /application forms and any other payments due are completed and accepted by the Concert Hall Management.

The booking will not be considered effective until all specified payments & deposits as applicable are received by the Concert Hall Management within the specified time.


All payments due as per the Terms & Conditions should be made at least 30 to 15 days prior to the event based on the type of booking and the requirements. All payments are to be made in advance and should be cleared by the respective banks prior to commencement of any work at the venue or carrying the name of the concert hall in any publicity or advertisement for the event.


The applicant is responsible for all/any permits or licenses required, and must obtain the stipulated permissions for a standard four-hour public entertainment license for the event (which commences when the doors open), after doing the required processes with the State Law & Order authorities/municipal or governmental authorities. Should the applicant require any assistance in this regard, it can contact the Concert Hall Management before booking. The applicant shall also pay any tax or taxes incidental to the use of the aforesaid facilities. NO EVENT will be allowed without obtaining necessary permissions as required from relevant/concerned State or Central Authorities and other authorized organizations for Events, Entertainment, Music, Dance and Performing Arts. The applicant must comply with all applicable Laws, Rules, Regulations and Notifications, Licenses, etc. The applicant must produce the permission obtained from the Commissioner of Police TWO days prior to the date of the Event.


If any portion of the proceeds from the event will go to any benevolent or charitable organization, a copy of this Social Service Permit must be provided to the Concert Hall Management before commencing ticket sales. In case the permit or tax exemption does not exist and is not required in the specific case of the applicant, the Concert Hall Management will require a specific statement to that effect from the applicant in writing.


The applicant must seek all permissions required to perform works, and make arrangements for the payment of any taxes or royalties chargeable in respect of the program.


The show should in no way derogate the objects and purposes of the Madras Seva Sadan as it is a Public Charitable Educational Institution that encourages the study, teaching and development of the art and science of music and other fine arts.

The program should be of non-political nature and should not offend public interest or religious sentiments of any section of the community. It should not offend good taste and should not be sub- standard. The applicant will be held responsible civilly, criminally and financially for non-observance and disobedience thereof.


The Concert Hall number shall not be used under any circumstance for promotions.

A copy of all advertisements for the event should be made available for perusal of the Concert Hall Management prior to its release for the Press and the Public.

Distribution of notices relating to any performance in the Concert Hall premises will be allowed only one week prior to the date of the performance and banners will be allowed only on the day of performance. Display of any other banner or advertising material will attract additional charges.

All promotional vehicles must:

1.Reflect the Concert Hall’s address as Harrington Road, Chetpet.

2. Display the Concert Hall’s Name and Logo* as provided.

3. Display the Concert Hall’s Website as provided.

* Camera-ready art of The Concert Hall’s logo is available at the Office.


No revenues from sale of souvenirs/merchandise will be payable to the Concert Hall. However, a charge will be levied for the erection and use of stalls for the purpose.



The Café is open from 10am to 10pm, and serves a variety of snacks and beverages before, during and after the Event. Catering services are also available at the Café for the Artists & Production Crew. Prior booking needs to done to ensure snacks and refreshments are served at timings requested.  Special menu & services for audiences are also available; these are subject to the nature of your event and audience demands.

Food & Beverage is strictly not allowed inside the Concert Hall.


The applicant shall not bring or sell any liquor, beverage, food or refreshments on any part of the premises hired unless specifically approved by the Concert Hall Management.


Ample parking is available. Parking lot requirements shall be made in advance and respective reservations, layouts and timings will be made out accordingly.

The vehicles are, however, parked only at the owner’s risk. The Concert Hall Management does not take any responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicles. The applicant shall co-ordinate with the Traffic Police authorities in case a large number of vehicles are expected for the event.

The applicant acknowledges and agrees that no large/commercial vehicles or trucks are allowed into the premises after the stipulated time before/after the event. The applicant further agrees to make all provisions necessary not to damage the Roads, Pathways, Open spaces, Transit areas while transporting, loading/unloading equipment. The applicant further agrees to make all provisions necessary not to damage the properties and buildings within the premises of the Madras Seva Sadan.

Under no circumstances will the Council accept any responsibility for loss of, or damage to, any car or other vehicle, which in connection with the function, is brought or left within the precincts of the Hall. The applicant shall ensure that no car or other vehicle is allowed to be parked in any unauthorized position and that any instructions given by the Concert Hall officers in regard to parking of vehicles are strictly observed.


Smoking, Chewing of betel or spitting in the premises, auditorium or stage, and committing nuisance in the grounds, and the use of naked lights or inflammable material are strictly prohibited.

Consumption of alcoholic liquor anywhere in the premises is strictly prohibited.

Food and Beverage except WATER will not be permitted to be taken inside the Concert Hall

Display or distribution of articles either by the party or their agent to the members of the audience in the Concert Hall free of cost or at a sale price that may amount to Advertising/PR/Brand-building is only allowed on prior permissions granted and appropriate payments made for such stall spaces, display and distribution.

No one will be permitted to stay in the premises in the night after the performance is over and in any case, beyond 12 midnight. All materials brought by the party engaging the Hall or by artistes must be removed by the morning after the performance.

The Concert Hall should not be used as a storage space for outside materials unless allowed to do so by the management. Delay in removal of materials will attract additional levies. All materials of the party stored in the Concert Hall will be at party’s risk.

The Allottee will make use of the lights/audio systems in the Concert Hall. If any additional lights/facilities are requested they will be provided at an additional cost.

Prior approval is necessary for making any alterations in the arrangements or structure on the stage or any other part of the building. The cost of restoring such alterations to their original condition should be fully met by the party. The charges must be paid in advance, if the same is to be carried out by the Concert Hall.

The Concert Hall is air-conditioned. But it does not hold itself responsible for any failure of the air-conditioning or breakdown in the plant or power connection for reasons beyond its control.

There must be no interference with the Concert Hall Management or any person deputed by the Concert Hall or with the employees attached to the venue in the discharge of their duties. They shall at all times have the right of free access to all parts of the stage and the premises.


The Hirer shall, at his own expense, pay for the attendance of sufficient security guards at the function where, in the opinion of the SMVRCH, such attendance is desirable and required due to the nature of the show. Only the security agency instituted by the Concert Hall will be used for General security, Parking management, Premises security and People management.

However, over and above this, the applicant may provide its own security agency for other requirements such as artists, dignitaries and any other specific requirements. Kindly contact the Concert Hall Management for further details.


Any duly authorized Officials of the Authority on duty shall at all times have free ingress and egress to and from the Hall.


The Concert Hall will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the applicant in the event of the accommodation not being available by reason of accident, war, civil commotion, force majeure, strike, lockout or other like cause. The Concert Hall may, however, in such event, without admitting any legal obligation to do so, return the deposit paid by the applicant.

The decision of the Concert Hall Management as to whether the accommodation is unavailable within the meaning of this clause shall be final and binding on the applicant. No responsibility will be accepted or compensation paid by the Concert Hall in the event of loss or damage suffered by the applicant on account of failure of the lighting or other equipment in the Hall.


Access to Exit doors must not be blocked by furniture, fittings, wires cameras, technical crew etc…

The required permissions, if any, from the FIRE SREVICE, POLICE, EXCISE COMMISIONER and other concerned authorities shall have to be obtained by the applicant prior to the program and a copy of it shall be furnished to SMVRCH. Failure to produce the permissions would entail cancellation of the allotment before commencement of the program.

Pasting or sticking of posters, banners or any advertisement material will NOT be allowed to be put inside the Concert Hall including the foyers, excepting at the areas specified for the purpose. Only specific displays with size limitations will be allowed at the designated areas inside the premises. NO Displays shall be allowed in the pathways, near the main entrance or inside the foyers and off the stage of the Concert Hall.


In the event of the Concert Hall’s insurance company requiring it to pay an additional premium in respect of fire insurance because of special fire risks created by or in connection with the function, the applicant shall, in addition to the charges otherwise payable by him, pay the Concert Hall, before the function begins, a sum equal to the amount of the additional premium.

A Fire Engine is required to be parked on standby before and during the show/event. Charges for the same are to be borne by the applicant.


An Ambulance is required to be parked on standby before and during the show/event. Charges for the same are to be borne by the applicant.


The Concert Hall will provide special gensets and back-up gensets for general purpose for Sound, Lights and other requirements as per the technical requisites of each event for which a fee will be levied. Rates for the same are listed in Annexure 1.

Any electrical equipment the applicant brings into the premises must be tested in accordance with and comply with safety standards and any regulations made therein. The Concert Hall Management reserves the right to inspect any outside equipment and also the right to refuse the use of any such equipment if it is not satisfied with its documentation or condition. The use of unapproved equipment is not permitted.

Responsibility for the promotion of events lies with the applicant. The Concert Hall takes no responsibility for promotions. The Hall Manager(s) may offer to assist applicants with promotion but where such assistance is given it must be agreed and negotiated in advance and such arrangements are separate to the Hall Hire Agreement. The Concert Hall is not responsible for any failure to promote any applicant’s event.

Any stage lighting lanterns which are moved or refocused must be returned to their original position(s) after use. If this has to be undertaken by the Concert Hall Management, then an appropriate charge will be levied on the applicant.


The applicant shall be responsible for maintenance of good order in and around the premises during the period for which the premises are hired. The applicant shall comply with any instruction issued by officers of the Madras Seva Sadan/Concert Hall to the maintenance of good order and compliance with these conditions in and around the premises.

The applicant shall at all times be responsible for maintenance of good order during the event and shall ensure that no undesirable person is permitted to enter, remain or otherwise make use of the premises, and that nobody trespasses on parts of the Hall not hired by the applicant. Upon the instructions of the Concert Hall Management, the applicant shall remove or cause to be removed any person(s) from the premises.


The driving of tacks, nails, screws, etc… into any of the woodwork or walls or any part of the building, furniture, or fixtures is strictly forbidden. Decorations other than plant or floral will not be permitted either internally or externally without the written permission of the Concert Hall Management. Stomping will not be permitted.
Any intoxicated person or any person using profane or improper language or misbehaving in any manner whatsoever shall not be permitted to enter or remain on any part of premises. The Concert Hall Management will have every right to evict them from the premises.

The applicant shall ensure that all staff recruited by the applicant shall maintain and keep good order and decent behavior within the Concert Hall and shall be solely and entirely responsible for non-compliance or damage howsoever caused. Any authorized representative of the Concert Hall Management shall at any time be permitted free access and shall be given every facility for the enforcement of these conditions.



(a) The applicant will indemnify and keep SMVRCH, its officers, employees, agents and contractors indemnified and held harmless from and against all legal liability, actions, claims, loss or demand howsoever arising or incurred in any way including legal fees (“Claim”) for personal injuries (including death) or property loss or damage to others arising out of or in any way connected directly or indirectly with the use of its facilities by the applicant, its employees, agents, contractors and visitors or another person or entity using the facilities with the applicant’s approval.

This indemnity in Clause (a):

(i) Is a separate and independent obligation of the applicant under this Agreement;

(ii) survives termination or expiry of this Agreement;

(iii) Includes SMVRCH’s legal and other expenses on a full indemnity basis; and

(iv) Includes any obligation under this Agreement that is performed by an employee, contractor, agent or visitor of the applicant.

(b) The Concert Hall shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for any legal liability, actions, claims, loss, demand or expenses whatsoever which may arise in respect of any:

(i) Death or personal injury (including disease or illness) to the applicant, their agents, staff, members of the audience, or any person including an employee, agent, representative, etc… of the applicant; and

(ii) Loss of or damage to any property whatsoever of the applicant or any person including an employee, agent, contractor or representative, etc… of the applicant whilst the applicant occupies or uses the facilities.


The Concert Hall formally requires the applicant to make provisions to take extra care during show production not to damage the Stage, Green Room, Concert Hall and renovations including theatre seats. If there is any damage to the Concert Hall facilities, the applicant will be required to restore such damages to its original condition at their expense.

The floors and walls of the Hall and the Stage should not be damaged, disfigured or discoloured in any manner. Any damage done to the Hall, furniture, fixtures, lighting, etc… during the party’s occupancy (whether by their own people or the artistes or the audience or others) must be made good by the party.


The applicant shall be responsible for leaving the premises clean and tidy at the conclusion of the hiring and the Concert Hall may, at the expense of the applicant, carry out such cleaning or other works as may be required to restore the premises to a satisfactory condition.

Excepting fair wear and tear, the applicant shall be liable to the Concert Hall Management for any damage to its premises, fittings, equipment, furniture, carpets or other property therein, that occurs during the period of the hiring.


The applicant shall pay to the Concert Hall the amount incurred by the latter in making good any loss of or damage to the building, furniture, carpets, furnishings, fixtures and fittings, or any article or equipment belonging to the Concert Hall arising directly or indirectly out of the hiring of the premises.

The applicant shall be responsible for their visitors/invitees to the function.


The Concert Hall Management may retain any monies paid by the applicant, or received by the Concert Hall Management on behalf of the applicant, until the applicant has paid all sums due to the Concert Hall Management.


The applicant shall be required to furnish a notice of cancellation in writing atleast 30 days prior to the date of the event.

Where notice of cancellation is given less than 30 days before the time for which the premises are booked, any deposit paid by the applicant shall be considered to be forfeited.

The applicant shall comply with all rules of Live Performances and the Copyright Act with respect to recording and/or broadcasting of activities that take place in the Concert Hall.

The applicant shall indemnify the Concert Hall for all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred for copyright infringement arising from the applicant’s use of the premises. The Concert Hall is under no obligation to ensure, prior to use of the premises, that the activity for which the premises are hired does not infringe copyright.


The Concert Hall shall be entitled to cancel the hiring:-

(a) If, at any time prior to the commencement of the function, it appears to the Concert Hall Management that the applicant has made a material omission from or a misstatement in the application form.

(b) If, at any time prior to the commencement of the function, the program or other details of particulars have not been supplied or, if supplied, have not been approved by the Concert Hall Management.

(c) If any sum or deposit payable is not paid by the applicant by the due date.

(d) In the event of the Concert Hall Management itself requiring the accommodation for the date on which it has been hired in connection with an occasion or for a purpose which, in the opinion of the Concert Hall Management, is of Civic or National Importance by serving the applicant with a Notice of Cancellation.

(e) In the event of the individual, organization or activities infringing the law or licensing regulations.

(f) In the event of unforeseen circumstances whereby accommodation booked is not available for a function, the Concert Hall Management will seek to re-locate the event or function in alternative, suitable accommodation.

The applicant may, with the consent of the Concert Hall Management, surrender or postpone the hiring PROVIDED that such a request is made in writing and delivered to the Concert Hall Management accompanied by the balance of charges payable in respect of the hiring.


Any dispute between the applicant and the Concert Hall Management arising from or in relation to any hiring of premises or from the Terms & Conditions of Hire shall be submitted to arbitration by a person appointed by the Concert Hall Management and the decision of the arbitrator shall be binding on the applicant and the Concert Hall.


The SMVRCH reserves the right to amend or delete any of the conditions of hire as outlined above and in Annexure 1 or to add extra conditions provided that the applicant is notified prior to confirmation of the booking of any changes made to the conditions. The applications of the various conditions may, therefore, vary from one applicant to another as the SMVRCH in its sole opinion considers necessary.

We hereby understand and undertake to:

  •     To Accept responsibility for any incident or litigation arising from the event or the gathering.
  •     To pay for any damage or costs reasonably incurred in restoring the venue to its original condition.
  •     To comply and abide by the Terms & Conditions (provisions and byelaws) of the Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hal.

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